Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Statement of Intent

At Houghton Conquest Lower School Lower School, we believe that our curriculum should challenge and inspire pupils, encouraging them to look beyond their immediate environment. We want to promote a love of learning and believe that practise, resilience and patience will bring success and build confidence. Curiosity, creativity and empathy will be nurtured and valued.  Developing these traits in our pupils will assist them in finding a happier path through an increasingly complex world.  Everything we do is therefore rooted in our values-based approach to education.

The Values based Education curriculum that we deliver allows pupils to be curious, show initiative and be unique. This curiosity and drive also applies to staff at Houghton, who all embrace the values teaching. The intent of our curriculum is to develop learners who are:

The Aims for Teaching and Learning at Houghton Conquest

While knowledge is essential to the design of our curriculum, the key driver is the exceptionally strong ethos and values of the school. Having a holistic approach to teaching and learning ensures pupils can access a knowledge-rich curriculum whilst building on skills and harnessing their talents and passions both in and out of school. The end goal at Houghton Conquest Lower School is to inspire our pupils to be active citizens who contribute positively to society.

The outcomes at Houghton Conquest fill us with pride. The pupils achieve their academic potential through the careful planning and teaching of a variety of lessons. They leave with a high standard of English and Math that ensures they can access the curriculum as it becomes more challenging and rapid in the next stage of their education. We hope we have encouraged our pupils to be tolerant, inquisitive and active learners.

Impact is measured over the year in a number of ways. We use a rigorous monitoring system across the whole school to ensure we are meeting the needs of the children and that they are reaching their full potential. This is done not only through data collection and data meetings, but also using our detailed teaching and learning monitoring schedule. This ensures that senior leaders and subject leaders are using pupil voice; drop ins, book looks and planning scrutiny effectively to monitor classroom practice, pupils engagement and attainment. Which results in needs being identified and addressed quickly.

The Houghton Family work with each year to ensure the upmost success. We look to improve and evolve through our own professional development and learning. This ensures our children get access to up to date practice and methods both in the classroom and around the school.

Termly Curriculum Maps

Autumn Term 2021
Foundation Stage (All About Me) – Autumn 1
Foundation Stage (Celebrations) – Autumn 2
Year 1 (Into the Woods)
Year 2 (Splish, Splash, Splosh)
Year 3 (The Egyptians)
Year 4 (World War 2)

Summer Term 2021
Foundation Stage (Up Above and Down Below)
Year 1 (Wild and Wonderful)
Year 2 (Into the Secret Garden)
Year 3 (Stone to Iron Age)
Year 4 (Crime and Punishment)


Overview of topics

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Pre-School Throughout our Preschool Provision we adopt weekly changing themes through the model of ‘In The Moment Planning’.  Themes are carefully planned out a week in advance based on the current interests of specific children in our setting.  Each child has a dedicated focus week at least once per term where they, and their parents, provide an insight into their interests which are then used as stimuli for scaffolding learning needs.
Foundation All about me Celebrations Fairy Tales Amazing Adventures Up above & down below Going Wild
Year 1 Into the Woods Fire and Ice Wild and Wonderful
Year 2 Splish, Splash, Splosh Turrets and Tiara’s Into the Secret Garden
Year 3 The Egyptians Roman Britain Stone Age to Iron Age
Year 4 World War II Extreme Earth Crime and Punishment