Below are links to various policies in place within the School and Pre-School. Clicking on a link will open a document in a new window.

Accessibility Policy Summer 2023
Accessibility Plan Summer 2023
Acceptable Use Policy Summer 2023
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Admission Policy 2022 2023
Admission Policy Pre-school 2022
Admissions Policy 2023 2024
Admissions Policy 2024 2025
Attendance Policy 2023
Behaviour Policy Autumn 2023
Bereavement and Loss Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child on Child Abuse Policy 2023
Complaints Procedure and Policy Spring 2023
Unreasonable Complaints Procedures & Policy
Confidential Information Policy.
Curriculum Policy
Cycling and Skilful Scootering Policy
Data Breach Policy Summer 2023
Early Help Assessment (EHA) Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy Summer
Early Years Policy
EYC Food and Drink Policy
First Aid Policy
Freedom of Information Policy – Summer 2023
Handwriting Policy
HCLS and Pre-School Policy and Procedure for Collection of Unpaid Fees
Health & Safety Policy 2023-2024
Health Eating Policy
Intimate Care Policy Autumn 2022
Learning at Home Policy
Lettings Policy
Marking and Feedback Policy
Medicines Policy & Procedures Summer 2023
Mental Calculation Policy
Online Safety Policy
Out of Hours Childcare Policy and Procedure
Parent Behaviour Policy
Phonics Policy
Policy for Primary Languages
Policy for the Induction of Early Career Teachers
Positive Handling Policy Autumn 2022
Power Maths Calculation Policy Reception Autumn 2023
Power Maths Calculation Policy KS1 Autumn 2023
Power Maths Calculation Policy LKS2 Autumn 2023
Pre-School – Settling in Policy
Pre-School Behaviour Management Policy Summer 2023
Prevent Duty Policy
Procedure for Uncollected Children
Promoting British Values at HCLS
PSHE and RSE Policy
Pupil Disipline, Suspension and Exclusion Policy Summer 2023
Pupil Premium and Early Years Pupil Premium Policy
Reading Policy
Religious Education Policy
Safeguarding Policy 2023
Schools Confidential Reporting Policy (Whistleblowing 2022)
SEND Policy Autumn 2023
SEND Information Report Autumn 2023
Social Media Policy
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Policy
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations against staff
Wise Pay Payment Procedure and The Payment of Goods and Services
Writing Policy
Written Calculation Policies