Pupil Voice

At Houghton Conquest Lower School we strongly believe that our children should be actively involved in leading positive change in our school.  Whilst there are always opportunities in class for discussion and debate, we recognise that a school council sets up the perfect means for classes to feedback those ideas to the Headteacher and effect change. This also underlines our vision- to set children up to be well-rounded citizens of the world. 

The representatives for our school council work with a key member of staff to work on specific projects and to canvas pupil opinion across the school on key issues.  Representatives are selected by either peer vote, teacher selection or by ‘names out of a hat’. Usually there are representatives in each group from Years R to Year 4.

Pupil Voice is also collected at varying points over the school year and for a range of reasons. These can include: school surveys, before and after topics, about school events, or to seek focused information e.g. thoughts on online safety, as well as sharing information about lessons.