At Houghton Conquest we aim to make math’s lessons challenging, purposeful, relevant, inspirational, exciting and enjoyable. The pupil’s numerical experience should be continuous and progressive producing competent and confident young mathematicians who can use their skills in a wider context.

Mathematics is taught using the ‘mastery approach,’ an exciting and wide-ranging way, through practical, oral and written activities. An emphasis is placed upon the fluency of mental maths and the development of children’s reasoning and problem-solving skills


At Houghton Conquest Lower School, we aim to encourage all children to have a positive attitude towards mathematics and to develop self-belief and confidence in their mathematical ability. Through our curriculum we intend to support children to work systematically and co-operatively, to persevere and to be able to think logically and independently. We aim for all children to experience a sense of achievement regardless of age or ability and to understand the appropriate underlying skills, concepts and knowledge of number, shape and space, handling data and problem solving. Children will be able to use and apply previously acquired concepts, skills and knowledge to ‘real life’ problem solving situations.

Aims of the teaching for mastery curriculum

National Curriculum – Maths