Message from the Governors

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our school.

Houghton Conquest Lower School & Pre-School is a welcoming, happy and positive learning community in which everyone is encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential. Our team of excellent teachers and support staff are committed to every child’s success and, along with the school Governors, work hard to value every person for their contribution to our school as well as to the wider community. This ethos is reflected in our vision for the school:

“Our vision is to be an outstanding school in all that we do. We will inspire and nurture a love of learning through a challenging and creative curriculum. Every individual will be recognised for their achievement and feel safe, secure and valued within our school family”

You might ask “what do the Governors of the School do?” In short, school Governors are ultimately responsible for the running of the school and to achieve this, they must appoint qualified staff to ensure that a high quality of education and achievement is maintained. We make collective decisions about planning school improvement and development and are answerable to parents/carers, the local community and the Government.

As Governors, we are responsible for:
• planning the school’s long term future
• setting the school’s values and aims
• setting and monitoring the school’s budget
• ensuring that both staff and pupils are able to work and study in a safe and happy environment

We do the above by working with, and holding to account, the school’s senior management team.

At Houghton Conquest Lower School & Pre-School, we have a very active Governing Body made up of dedicated people who give their time voluntarily. Our Governors bring diverse skills and expertise to the school and offer all the help we can in order to ensure that the school achieves its goals.

You and your child will be joining a happy, caring and aspirational school community where your child will be challenged to work hard, behave well and succeed. We believe your hopes and expectations for your child will be fulfilled at Houghton Conquest Lower School & Pre-School and we look forward to welcoming you into our school family.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the school or at

Governors of Houghton Conquest Lower School


Mr M Lovell, Chair of Governors
Mrs C Macrdechian, Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs S Peck, Governor responsible for Pupil Premium
Mr I Devereux, Vice Chair of Governors and Governor responsible for Sports Premium
Mr B Hayward
Mrs E Hogan
Miss J Heaslip, Headteacher
Mrs L Sebborn, Staff Governor

Ms J Gibson, Clerk to Governors
Mrs A Allen, Associate Member
Mrs M Liderth, Associate Member

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