School & Home

We believe in letting parents and carers know what and how we are learning, so that they can support and reinforce their children’s learning at home through learning diaries such as Reading Record Books.

The school also sets the high score on developing independent learning. One way of doing this involves the very good ‘Learning Logs’. These encourage independence very well because the home tasks set in them simply involve pupils demonstrating, in any way they wish, that they understand and have achieved one of the objectives for learning in that week.

“The staff are encouraging (our daughter) to excel and are always on hand to speak with us”
(Year 3 parent)

Maths Celebration Event October 2018
Teaching for Mastery is the approach we are using to support Mathematical development and understanding through underpinning children’s learning in real-life contexts, developing fluency and promoting deep and sustainable learning.
Presentation from our event held on the 8th October 2018

Travel to school
We encourage parents to walk to school, or use methods of transport other than the car. The benefit of this is the reduction of cars on the roads as well as the improved health and fitness of the children. We have cycle racks for bicycles.

Summer reading competitions
It is very important to keep up with reading during the summer holidays and the library service always run a good incentive to support you with this.

Below is a link to our Home/School agreement
Home School Agreement