Parent Portal & App

Parent Portal & APP

We are committed to improving the communication and interaction that you as a stakeholder have with the school.  Our aim is to ensure that all communication is clear, accurate, effective and easily accessible ensuring that every member of our community feels valued and in turn values the aims and vision of the school.  In order to achieve this aim, we use a Parent Portal and Parent APP to centralise our communications.

What is the Parent Portal and Parent APP?

The Parent Portal and Parent App is an APP which you download to your mobile device, by invitation sent from the school office, which links to your child’s record and the school office.

The APP offers many features, but to begin with we will keep it simple and offer the following functionality to parents;

Within the next 6-12 months we endeavour to add even more features and look forward to adding;

What do I do if I need help installing the APP? Please let a member of the school office team know you need support and we will be more than happy to assist you.  Further help can be found here;

 What happens if I don’t want the APP? If you do not want to have the APP please contact the school office and speak with the team who will discuss with you how future communications will work.