Health & Illness

What do I do if my child is ill?

Parents/carers need to phone the school before 9.30am, each morning that the child is absent from school due to illness so that this can be recorded daily in the register. Even if the staff expect the child to be off parents must still phone in to register their child’s absence each day. For further information please read our Attendance Policy.

The school follows guidance from the Health Protection Agency and these guidelines are available below or can be viewed online at

These guidelines stipulate expected time off due to different illnesses. These help to minimise the risk of transmission of infection to other children and staff. Children should not return to school until the risk has passed.

The attached chart gives some quick guidance on the control of some of the more common and important infections encountered in schools. It is not intended to act as a guide to diagnosis. This should only be undertaken by an appropriately qualified health professional. Whenever there is any doubt about the management of a particular illness, advice should be sought.

Headlice Reporting Form

HPA Guidance on infection Control in Schools